Detailed Information About Sassa Relief Grant Status Check

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides regular social grant payments to support vulnerable groups across the country. Millions rely on these payments for their livelihood. This article provides a comprehensive guide to checking your grant status and ensuring you receive your money on time.

Introduction to SASSA Grants
SASSA distributes several social grant programs:

  • Old Age Grant – For seniors 60+ years old
  • Disability Grant – For disabled citizens
  • Child Support Grant – For qualifying children’s primary caregivers
  • Care Dependency Grant – For children with disabilities needing full-time care
  • Foster Child Grant – For foster parents
  • Social Relief of Distress – Temporary assistance for people in dire need

To receive an approved SASSA grant, you must meet all eligibility criteria and complete the application process. Payments are then deposited monthly into your registered bank account.

November 2023 SASSA Payment Dates
Here are the expected payment dates for November 2023 SASSA grants:

  • Old Age, Disability, and Child Grants: First week of November
  • Social Relief of Distress R350 Grant: First week of November

Specific payment dates are not released ahead of time for security reasons. Funds may show in accounts from the 1st to 7th of the month depending on your bank.

SASSA Status Check – Confirm Your Grant Payment

To check the status of your November 2023 payment, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SASSA SRD Portal at
  2. Click on “Status Check” and enter your ID number and reference code
  3. Your status will display, showing:
  • Application Status: Pending, Approved, Declined
  • Payment Status: Pending, Paid/Release Date
  • Banking Details: Confirmed/Pending

If your grant is approved but unpaid, submit an inquiry for missing funds assistance.

Update SASSA Bank Details to Get Paid

Valid bank account details are required for SASSA payments. If your account details are pending or incorrect, update them ASAP:

  • Log in to your account on the SASSA portal
  • Edit profile and submit updated banking details
  • Or provide new details via WhatsApp to 082 046 8553

As soon as updated details are processed, payment into the new account can proceed.

Get SASSA Grant Assistance

If you require any help with SASSA grant status checks or account updates, contact one of their support resources:

  • Call the SASSA helpline at 0800 601 011
  • Visit your nearest SASSA office
  • Submit inquiries via email or the website
  • Join the SASSA WhatsApp support channel

Check back regularly on the portal to monitor progress on your grant. With valid banking details and approved status, funds will be paid each month.

SASSA Grant Programs In Detail

Now let’s explore key details for each type of SASSA social grant program.

Older Person’s Grant
The Old Age Grant provides R2,110 per month to South Africans 60+ years old with limited financial means. This vital income assists over 3 million pensioners.


  • Age 60+
  • South African citizen or permanent resident
  • Single or combined income below threshold

How to apply:

Online at or visit your nearest SASSA office

Disability Grant

The Disability Grant provides R2,110 per month to disabled citizens unable to work due to physical or mental conditions. Over 1 million people currently rely on this essential support.


  • Must be 18-59 years old
  • SA citizen/permanent resident
  • Medical assessment confirming disability

How to apply:

Online or through a healthcare practitioner

Child Support Grant

The Child Support Grant gives R520 per month to primary caregivers of eligible children under 18 years old. It aids with expenses related to food, clothing, shelter and other basics.


For qualifying single parents and guardians
Child must be under 18

How to apply:

Online via SASSA portal

Foster Child Grant

The Foster Child Grant provides R1,170 per month to registered foster caregivers to help cover a foster child’s needs and living expenses.


Current foster caregiver

How to apply:

Through provincial Department of Social Development

Care Dependency Grant

The Care Dependency Grant assists caregivers who stay at home to care for a child with a severe permanent disability. The R2,110 monthly funds help cover medical care and special expenses.


The child requires permanent home care

How to apply:

At doctors and health facilities to obtain medical assessment

Social Relief of Distress Grant

The Social Relief of Distress grant or SRD provides temporary financial relief with R350 monthly payments. It aims to support unemployed individuals in dire circumstances until they can secure income.


  • SA citizen, permanent resident or refugee
  • Unemployed
  • No other financial support

Multiple Grants You Might Qualify For
If you meet criteria for multiple grants, you may be able to apply for and receive funds from more than one program. Common combinations include:

Older Person’s Grant + Disability Grant
Older Person’s Grant + Child Support Grant
Multiple Child Support Grants

Discuss your unique situation with a SASSA counsellor to determine eligibility across different categories.

Who Gets Excluded from SASSA Grants?

While SASSA grants provide a crucial lifeline for millions, they unfortunately remain out of reach for people in specific situations. Those excluded from these social assistance programs include:

  • South African citizens overseas
  • Foreign nationals in South Africa
  • People being maintained/cared for in state institutions
  • Anyone earning above the income cut-off thresholds

So funding gaps still remain for groups like low-income immigrant families in South Africa. NGOs try helping where possible with additional poverty relief efforts.

SASSA Financial Literacy Programs

MERSETA, an organisation focused on education, training, and skills development partnered with SASSA to launch financial literacy programs for social grant beneficiaries. These programs aim to provide guidance on wisely using and investing SASSA funds.

Program participants learn crucial money management concepts like:

  • Budgeting, saving, debt avoidance
  • Banking, insurance, taxation, financial planning
  • Growing income streams

By empowering people with smart personal finance skills, the goal is to help grant recipients maximize their monetary resources.

Over to You!
We hope this guide gave you a full picture of the SASSA grant system. You should now understand:

  • Who qualifies and how to apply for each grant
  • When funds get paid each month
  • How to check your status and update details
  • Where to get help if issues arise

So double check your November payment status. And don’t hesitate to reach out to SASSA support if your grant funds are delayed or missing. Their social assistance provides a lifeline to vulnerable South Africans during these harsh economic times.

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