What To Do When Your Sassa R350 Grant is Approved But Not Paid, Easy Trick

South Africa’s Social Security Agency (Sassa) provides a vital R350 monthly social relief grant to financially distressed citizens. However, you may see your grant status stuck on “approved but not paid” even after getting approval. Reasons for non-payment include administrative delays, incorrect banking details, outstanding documents, system errors, non-compliance with criteria, or previously disbursed funds.

To get your unpaid Sassa R350 grant released, contact Sassa to escalate, update your account details if needed, submit any pending documents, and follow up regularly. With patience and persistence, you can resolve the “approved but not paid” status to access this essential financial relief you qualify for.

Overview of the Sassa R350 Grant

The R350 social relief of distress grant was introduced by Sassa in 2020 to aid South Africans impacted by COVID job losses and income instability. It provides monthly payments of R350 for 6 months to help cover essential living costs.

Eligibility includes being:

  • A South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee
  • Unemployed and not receiving other grants
  • Above age 18 up to pension age
  • Not earning other income above R350 per month
  • Without significant assets

Qualifying applicants must provide documents like IDs, bank statements, and affidavits before getting approved.

Why Your R350 Grant Status Stays “Approved But Not Paid”

Even after getting approval confirmation, you may find your R350 grant is not deposited into your account. There are various reasons this “approved but not paid” status occurs:

Administrative Delays

With millions of applicants, Sassa faces backlogs processing such high volumes. Manual verification steps also take time. Administrative issues like contractor payment delays can hold up disbursements.

Ongoing Verification

Sassa runs additional checks against databases like SARS, Home Affairs, and UIF to validate applicant eligibility even after initial approval. Any inconsistencies flagged require further investigation, causing payment delays.

Incorrect Banking Details

If your account details captured during application are wrong, grants cannot be deposited. Always double-check your account and branch number match what’s registered with Sassa.

Missing Documents

If Sassa finds gaps in your supporting documents or affidavits after approval, they will request these before releasing payment. Upload or deliver any outstanding documents.

System Errors

Occasional technical glitches in Sassa’s payment systems can temporarily halt disbursements. Most system issues get quickly resolved.


If post-approval affidavit or income checks find you exceed thresholds or do not meet requirements, your grant may be placed on hold pending review.

Previously Disbursed Funds

Sometimes grants show “approved not paid” when funds were already disbursed but you were unaware or did not receive bank notifications. Always check statements.

How to Get Your Approved R350 Grant Paid Out

If your R350 grant status remains stuck on “approved but not paid”, take these steps:

Contact Sassa

Phone the Sassa call center at 0800 60 10 11 or email srd@sassa.gov.za for assistance. Provide your ID number and query. Call center agents can check why your approved grant is unpaid.

Update Your Banking Details

If Sassa has incorrect account details, visit your nearest office with ID and proof of your account to update your information. This resolves payment issues.

Submit Pending Documents

If Sassa requests outstanding documents or affidavits from you, deliver these promptly at your local office to avoid further delays.

Follow Up Regularly

Keep contacting Sassa via phone, email, WhatsApp, or in person until you get clear reasons for non-payment. Politely following up helps escalate and resolve issues.

Be Patient

While frustrating, backlogs and administrative issues outside your control can happen. But Sassa works diligently to ensure all eligible applicants get paid in due time.

Review Bank Statements

Check your account statements for the last 3 months. If your grant funds were deposited unbeknownst to you, the payment issue is resolved. Just update your contact details with Sassa to get notifications.

Getting the R350 Grant You’re Owed

Having your approved R350 grant unpaid creates anxiety and financial uncertainty. But Sassa is committed to ensuring all eligible applicants get their grants – even if delays happen. Follow the steps above to understand why your approved grant is unpaid and take corrective actions. With patience and persistence, you can get this vital relief you qualify for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when Sassa says “approved” but there is no payment date?

This means your R350 grant application was successful but Sassa has not allocated a date for your first payment yet. Approved applications undergo further processing before payments get scheduled and released.

Why does my Sassa portal say approved but there’s no money in my account?

If your status shows approved but no funds are deposited, there is likely an issue with your banking details, outstanding documents required, or administrative delays. Contact Sassa for assistance.

I got an SMS saying my R350 grant is approved. But no money yet. Why?

You may receive approval SMS notifications before payments get disbursed. SMSes are automatically generated upon approval. Allow time for Sassa to verify details and process transfers even after approval confirmations.

My grant shows approved and paid. But my account is empty. What should I do?

If the portal shows paid but you have not received the money, check with your bank in case it was deposited into the wrong account. Also confirm with Sassa that they have your correct updated banking details to avoid further issues.

How do I know if my R350 grant will be paid this month?

You can contact the Sassa call center to get updates on expected payment dates. If documents are still pending or banking details incorrect, your grant may be delayed further. Resolve outstanding issues for the best payment estimation.

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