The Importance of Reconfirming Your SASSA SRD R350 Grant February

Reconfirming your SASSA SRD grant is essential to keep receiving your R350 COVID relief funds. If you currently get South Africa’s special Social Relief of Distress grant payments, you must reconfirm your grant application every few months online. This mandatory reconfirmation process allows SASSA to verify you still qualify and need the financial aid.

By completing the simple online form on time after each 3-month payment cycle, you can ensure there are no interruptions or suspensions to your ongoing SRD grant. It is crucial to follow all reconfirmation requirements so you can keep your SASSA SRD grant active and continue receiving the vital R350 monthly relief funds throughout 2023. Follow this guide for the latest details you need on reconfirming your SRD grant successfully.

Overview of SRD Grant Reconfirmation

The special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant was introduced by the South African government in 2020 to provide financial assistance to unemployed South Africans impacted by the pandemic. All SRD grant recipients must reconfirm their application every three months after receiving payments by completing a simple online form.

Reconfirming your grant allows the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to verify that you still meet the eligibility criteria to receive the R350 monthly funds. This includes factors like employment status, income thresholds, and not receiving other grant payments.

It is mandatory to complete the reconfirmation process on time. If you fail to do so, your SRD grant payments will be suspended. Fortunately, the online reconfirmation form only takes a few minutes to complete.

When to Reconfirm Your SASSA SRD Grant

You need to reconfirm your SRD grant application after every three successful payments.

For example, if you received your regular R350 SRD funds in January, February, and March, you would then need to reconfirm in April to continue receiving uninterrupted payments.

The reconfirmation window period usually opens in the first week of the month following your third payment. Be sure to reconfirm as early as possible once the window opens to avoid delayed processing.

The June 2022 payment cycle was an exception. Because not all recipients had received three consecutive payments yet, the reconfirmation window opened prematurely. However, SASSA clarified reconfirmation was not required and the early opening was intended for applicants wanting to edit their details only.

If you still require reconfirmation, SASSA will contact you directly with instructions once you reach the three payment milestones. Check the official SASSA website and social media channels for reconfirmation announcements.

How to Reconfirm Your SRD Grant Online

When it is time to reconfirm your grant, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the SASSA SRD online portal at
  2. Click on the “Re-Confirmation” button.
  3. Enter your SA ID number and the one-time PIN sent to your cell phone to log in.
  4. Review your existing grant application details carefully.
  5. Update any information that may have changed, like your income, employment status, or address.
  6. Double-check that all your personal details, contact information, and banking details are still correct.
  7. Answer the reconfirmation questions by selecting the appropriate options.
  8. Click submit once you have thoroughly reviewed and updated your application details.

The entire reconfirmation process should take 5-10 minutes if your details are unchanged. You will receive an on-screen confirmation after submitting.

What to Do if Your Circumstances Changed

If your financial situation or personal details have changed since your last SRD grant application, it is important to indicate these changes during reconfirmation. Otherwise, it could negatively impact your eligibility for continued payments.

Be sure to update details like:

  • Employment status – if you have started earning an income
  • Household income thresholds – if your household income exceeds the limits
  • Banking details – if you opened a new bank account
  • Contact details – if your phone number or physical address changed

SASSA will review your reconfirmation details and reassess your eligibility based on any updated information provided. Failure to accurately disclose changes in circumstances constitutes grant fraud.

Reconfirmation Deadlines and Payment Dates

To ensure ongoing, uninterrupted SRD payments, be sure to reconfirm before the end of your reconfirmation window period. Payment dates typically fall in the first week of each month.

Here are the key deadlines:

  • January – Reconfirm by January 31 for the February payment
  • April – Reconfirm by April 30 for the May payment
  • July – Reconfirm by July 31 for the August payment
  • October – Reconfirm by October 31 for the November payment

Missing the reconfirmation deadline will result in your SRD grant being suspended until you complete the process. It is crucial to reconfirm on time following your third monthly payment.

Set yourself a reminder for the reconfirmation period each cycle to avoid late submissions. You can also check the SASSA website regularly for real-time updates on reconfirmation deadlines and requirements.

Ongoing Eligibility Factors and Considerations

When reconfirming your SRD grant application, keep the following eligibility factors in mind:

  • South African citizenship or permanent residency
  • Unemployed without income or receiving income below R350 per month
  • Not receiving any other social grant payments
  • Ages 18 to 59 years old
  • Pass income threshold assessments
  • Not admitted to a state institution
  • Available and actively seeking employment
  • Willing to perform public service if required

Ensure you still meet each eligibility criteria with every reconfirmation to continue qualifying for SRD grant payments. If any aspect of your situation changes, disclose it accordingly to avoid discrepancies.

SASSA Call Center and Support Resources

If you require any assistance with completing the SRD grant reconfirmation process, SASSA provides several public support resources:

  • Call the SASSA national call center toll-free at 0800 601 011 for reconfirmation help over the phone
  • Visit your nearest SASSA regional office for in-person reconfirmation support
  • Check the SASSA website at for FAQs, guides, and announcements
  • Follow SASSA on Facebook at for updates
  • Message SASSA on WhatsApp at 082 046 8553 for assistance

Be sure to only use official SASSA channels to avoid scams and misinformation. Reconfirm early within your window period to get timely help if needed.

Keep Your SRD Grant Active

The COVID-19 SRD grant provides a crucial lifeline to vulnerable South Africans facing financial hardship. Be sure to diligently reconfirm your grant application every 3 months to maintain your eligibility and continue receiving your R350 payments.

Set reminders for your reconfirmation window periods and submit the online form as soon as possible each cycle. Update any changed details accurately. By reconfirming on time, you can keep your SRD grant funding active throughout 2023 and beyond until the program ends.

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