Sassa Status Check for r350 Payment Dates for June, Know The New Updates

Accessing up-to-date Sassa grant status information is critical for the millions of South Africans relying on regular social grant payments. With welfare programs like the SRD COVID-19 grant, Child Support Grant, Older Person’s Grant, and more administered by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), recipients need to easily check Sassa grant status online.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about checking your Sassa grant status ahead of the June 2023 payment cycle, including step-by-step instructions for accessing status updates digitally along with troubleshooting tips. Read on for authoritative details on how to monitor your grant status seamlessly using SASSA’s online and mobile platforms.

Introduction to SASSA Social Grants

As part of South Africa’s expansive social welfare programs, SASSA distributes regular cash payments to eligible citizens through grants like:

  • Older Person’s Grant for seniors over 60 years old
  • Disability Grant for South Africans with confirmed disabilities or chronic illness
  • Child Support Grant for qualified children under 18 years
  • Foster Child Grant for approved foster parents
  • Care Dependency Grant for children with disabilities needing full-time care
  • SRD COVID-19 Grant for emergency financial relief during the pandemic

For qualifying applicants, these grants provide essential income for food, school fees, medical costs, and other household necessities. Staying updated on grant status and payment details is vital for recipients’ stability.

Checking Your SASSA Grant Status Online

Thankfully, SASSA offers online options to check the status of your grant applications and payments from any device. Here are the steps to view your grant status for June 2023:

  1. Go to the SASSA SRD Grant website at
  2. Enter your 13-digit South African ID number
  3. Input the mobile number you used on your SASSA application
  4. Click “Search”
  5. Your grant status and details will be displayed on the screen

If registered, you can also access status updates and payment information through:

  • The SASSA Siyahlola self-service portal
  • The SASSA mobile app on Android and iOS
  • Sending “Status” via SMS/WhatsApp to 082 046 8553

When checking online or via mobile, have your ID number ready for prompt authentication. These platforms allow recipients to confirm grant approvals, view payment dates, track outstanding applications, and more.

Understanding Your SRD COVID-19 Grant Status

For recipients of the temporary SRD grant, frequent status checks are essential to verify continued eligibility each month. Unlike other grants, the SRD COVID-19 grant eligibility gets reassessed monthly based on applicants’ current financial situation and pandemic impacts.

Even previous approvals could get rejected in a given month if SASSA finds recipients’ circumstances no longer meet qualifying criteria, which include:

  • Being unemployed without other income sources
  • Not qualifying for other grants
  • Passing a financial means test each period
  • Not receiving any other COVID-19 government aid

To avoid unpredictable payment disruptions, SRD applicants should check their status regularly and ensure they still qualify. Rejected recipients can appeal by contacting SASSA and providing updated proof of financial distress. Performing thorough status checks is key for millions relying on the SRD lifeline.

Monitoring Other SASSA Grant Status

While long-term grants like Child Support, Disability, and Older Person provide stable monthly payments once approved, recipients should still periodically check their status online. Doing so allows you to:

  • Confirm grants are active and payments are processing on time
  • Review upcoming payment dates and amounts
  • Complete annual renewals when notified
  • Provide any requested documents
  • Become aware of and resolve any payment issues

Closely tracking status helps avoid unnecessary disruptions so these essential funds remain consistent.

Getting SASSA Grant Support

If you have trouble checking your status online or have questions about your grant, contact SASSA directly for assistance:

SASSA call center agents can look up your status, explain any problems, and help resolve payment issues. When contacting SASSA, have your ID, application details, and documents ready.

Partner Organizations Provide Local Status Support

Many community organizations partner with SASSA to help recipients check their status and troubleshoot issues. Local non-profits like Black Sash offer in-person assistance within communities.

Reaching out to on-the-ground partners in your area is another option if you need status help. They can often contact SASSA or access records on your behalf.


Checking your SASSA grant status regularly is essential to avoid payment disruptions, especially for the SRD COVID-19 grant requiring monthly reconfirmation. While SASSA aims to improve access to status information online and via mobile, glitches happen. Being proactive and seeking assistance when required will ensure you stay updated. For millions relying on SASSA’s safety net, having readily available status information provides stability when it’s needed most.

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