Sassa r350 Grant Payment Date For March, Know All The Interesting details

Checking your SASSA grant status online regularly is crucial to ensure you receive your monthly social grant payments on time. With over 2.5 million South Africans relying on SASSA grants as a vital source of income, it’s essential to stay updated on your grant status to avoid any payment issues or delays. Using SASSA’s online platforms, you can easily check your grant status from approval to payment dates.

Monitoring your status enables you to efficiently collect your funds via your chosen payment method or promptly resolve any problems that could disrupt your grant payments.

This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to check your SASSA grant status online along with key information on payment schedules, disbursement methods, grant types, and requirements. Optimizing your use of SASSA’s online tools provides convenience, saving you time and transportation costs to visit local offices in person.

Older Person’s Grant

Provides income support for seniors 60 and older who meet requirements related to income, citizenship, and others. This aims to aid vulnerable older persons without sufficient means.

Disability Grant

Aids disabled individuals who are unable to work due to physical or mental conditions. You must submit medical assessments and meet other criteria to qualify.

Child Support Grant

Supports parents and primary caregivers of eligible children under 18 years old. Means testing determines qualification along with citizenship or permanent residence status.

Foster Child Grant

For foster parents to assist with raising foster children. Must meet legal foster care requirements and pass means testing.

Care Dependency Grant

Supports parents and caregivers of children with severe disabilities requiring full-time care. Official medical assessments verifying the severity of disability are needed.


A supplement added to existing SASSA grants for recipients who require regular attendance and care by another person. Must already receive a grant and require permanent care assistance.

Social Relief of Distress Grant

Temporary financial relief for individuals in dire need unable to meet basic living costs. Strict eligibility and means testing requirements apply.

Understanding the requirements for the grant you need prepares you to successfully apply and qualify.

SASSA Grant Payment Dates for March 2024

To receive your funds on time, it’s essential to know the payment dates for March 2024:

  • Older Person’s Grants: Tuesday, 5 March 2024
  • Disability Grants: Wednesday, 6 March 2024
  • Child Grants and all others: Thursday, 7 March 2024

Mark your calendar and arrange collection or access to your funds on the scheduled date. This helps you avoid late payments or issues each month.

How to Check Your SASSA Grant Status Online

Checking your status online provides real-time information on payment approvals or issues. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SASSA website and click on your grant type.
  2. Select the “Check Status” button and input your 13-digit RSA ID number.
  3. Your status will display as:
  • Approved – with the payment date for March 2024.
  • Rejected – with reasons why.
  • Pending – awaiting processing.
  1. If approved, prepare to receive payment on the scheduled date.
  2. If rejected, follow instructions to resolve issues and reapply.
  3. If pending, check back regularly for status updates.

Having your ID ready speeds up the status check. Identify and resolve any issues promptly to ensure ongoing grant payments.

SASSA Grant Payment Methods

Once approved, you can receive grant funds through:

Direct Bank Deposit

Ensure your bank account details with SASSA are up-to-date to get funds deposited each month.

Cash Pay Points

Know your nearest pay point locations to collect cash payments.


Use your card to withdraw funds from ATMs or transact at participating retailers.

SASSA Retailer Accounts

If you selected a retailer account, collect there on payment dates.

Understand your payment method and arrange access to funds monthly for essential expenses.

Who Qualifies for the SRD Grant?

The SRD grant provides monthly financial relief if you:

  • Are you a SA citizen, permanent resident, or refugee?
  • Are unemployed or earn very little?
  • Do not receive other grants.
  • Pass the means test.
  • Are between 18 and 59 years old.
  • Are not in a state institution.
  • Are available to work.
  • Are not receiving UIF.
  • Are not on an internship or leadership.

Meeting these criteria increases your chances of SRD grant approval.

SRD Grant Payment Duration

Previously limited to 3 months, the SRD grant duration has been extended by SASSA.

You can now receive the SRD grant ongoing as long as you:

  • Pass regular reassessments every 13 weeks.
  • Submit new applications after 6 months.
  • Continue to meet eligibility criteria.

With no fixed end date, the SRD grant provides longer-term financial relief.

Immigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Foreign nationals in South Africa can also apply for SASSA grants including asylum seekers and refugees.

Required documents include:

  • Refugee ID from DHA.
  • Section 22 Permit.
  • Section 24 Permit.
  • Asylum Seeker Visa.

Submit copies of your permit/visa proving legal status in South Africa along with application forms.

Key SASSA Contacts for Queries and Issues

Engage directly with SASSA via:

  • Toll-Free Number: 0800 60 10 11
  • Email:
  • Head Office Number: 012 400 2322
  • Provincial office locations

Reach out telephonically, online or in-person for help with grant payments.

Resolve Common SASSA Grant Issues

Check solutions for common grant payment issues:

Non-payment on scheduled date:

  • Check your status online and with your bank for pending deposits.
  • Visit or contact SASSA for payment updates.

Rejected application:

  • Review the reasons for rejection provided.
  • Gather necessary documents lacking in your application.
  • Submit your full completed application.

Pending application:

  • Start checking status weekly for updates.
  • Contact SASSA to follow up on the application.
  • Ensure you meet eligibility criteria.

Incorrect banking details:

  • Notify SASSA immediately to update your account details.
  • Provide the correct bank account and branch code.
  • Confirm that the updated details reflect correctly.

Grant suspension:

  • Understand the reason provided for suspended payments.
  • Resolve any issues of non-compliance.
  • Provide requested information to SASSA.

Being aware of potential issues that may arise and solutions empowers you to resolve problems and continue receiving your essential grant payments promptly.

Monitoring Ongoing Changes to Grants

Stay updated on changes to grant amounts, applications, payments, and requirements:

  • Check the SASSA website frequently.
  • Follow SASSA’s social media for news.
  • Read updated SASSA circulars.
  • Watch broadcast media coverage on grants.
  • Consider signing up for SASSA email/SMS alerts.
  • Engage with your social worker or local SASSA office.

Being informed ensures you adapt to changes or new grant policies to continue qualifying and complying.

Over 2.5 million South Africans depend on SASSA’s social grants for income support. By checking your status before payment dates, understanding the requirements, and resolving any issues, you can reliably access these essential funds. This provides financial stability and alleviates poverty for some of South Africa’s most vulnerable groups.

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