How to Appeal a Rejected R350 Grant Application Through Sassa’s Tribunal, Know The Details

Navigating the appeal process after an R350 grant application rejection can be frustrating for South Africans in financial distress. With millions depending on this COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress funds, understanding how to properly appeal a denial through the South African Social Security Agency’s (Sassa) online Tribunal is critical.

This guide will examine the common reasons for rejection, walk through the step-by-step appeal procedure, provide tips for successfully overturning a mistaken denial, and answer frequently asked questions about tracking appeal status. Learning these protocols will help eligible citizens secure access to this essential government aid after initially being turned down.

Common Reasons Sassa Rejects R350 Grant Applications

There are various reasons Sassa may initially reject an R350 grant application. Some top causes for denials include:

  • Income too high – Bank statements show income above the R624 monthly threshold, which is the most common reason for rejection.
  • Receiving other government grants – Being on foster care, UIF, NSFAS or other aid programs disqualifies you from the R350.
  • Failed citizenship verification – Invalid ID numbers or failure to validate South African citizenship results in denial.
  • Incomplete application – Missing documents, incorrect details, incomplete forms, or lack of required information.
  • Errors – Providing inaccurate personal, contact, address, or banking details leads to instant rejection.

Even minor issues can trigger an initial rejection from Sassa. But if you believe you were wrongly denied the grant, you can appeal.

Who Can Appeal After an R350 Grant Rejection?

If your R350 grant application status shows as “rejected” or “unsuccessful,” you have the right to appeal if you believe you are eligible based on the grant criteria.

Some situations where applicants may want to appeal a denial include:

  • You pass the means test but are still rejected.
  • Your actual income is below R624, despite bank statements showing otherwise.
  • You are unemployed but incorrectly show as receiving UIF/NSFAS.
  • Your valid South African ID and citizenship were flagged as invalid.
  • Administrative errors caused an incorrect rejection.

Anyone whose application was denied for reasons they can disprove may submit an eligibility appeal.

How to Appeal Your Rejected R350 Grant Application

Sassa has established an online portal through the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals to facilitate R350 grant appeals:

  1. Visit the Tribunal’s website at
  2. Enter your 13-digit South African ID number.
  3. Enter the mobile number used on your grant application.
  4. Click “Send PIN” to receive a one-time pin.
  5. Input the PIN sent and click “Validate”.
  6. Select the reason for your appeal from the options provided.
  7. Upload any supporting documents as evidence.
  8. Click “Submit Appeal” to complete the process.

Once submitted, the Appeal Tribunal will review your appeal and evidence. The outcome will be sent to you via SMS within a few weeks. If approved, your grant payment will start from the month the appeal was decided.

Tips for a Successful R350 Grant Appeal

Follow these tips when submitting your appeal for the best chance of approval:

  • Appeal promptly – Submit your appeal right away after receiving a rejection notice to avoid delays.
  • Highlight eligibility – Emphasize details like your unemployment, income status, lack of other grants, etc. that qualify you.
  • Provide supporting documents – Include proof like bank statements, ID, UIF letters, etc. to validate your appeal.
  • Correct errors that caused denial – If rejected due to incorrect details, provide your valid information.
  • Follow up if delayed – Contact Sassa if you don’t receive an appeal outcome after 4 weeks.
  • Be thorough and detailed – Clearly explain your full situation and why you are eligible for approval.

Tracking the Status of Your R350 Grant Appeal

After appealing online, you can check the real-time status of your R350 grant appeal using the Tribunal website:

  1. Revisit
  2. Enter your ID number and mobile number again.
  3. Your appeal status should now be displayed.

If your appeal remains pending longer than a month, contact the Sassa call center for assistance. Ensure your contact details are up to date so you receive the outcome SMS.

What Happens When Your R350 Appeal Is Approved?

If your R350 grant appeal is successful, you will receive an SMS notification from Sassa stating that your appeal was approved. Your grant funds will then be paid from the month that your appeal was decided.

For example, if you appealed your March rejection and won your appeal in April, your grant would be paid from April onward. You would not receive back pay for previous rejected months.

Once approved, you will need to provide your banking details within 72 hours to Sassa via their SMS line or by visiting your nearest local office. This ensures timely processing of your monthly R350 payments going forward. Remember to include your ID number as a reference when submitting your bank account details.

Frequently Asked Questions About R350 Grant Appeals

How long does an R350 grant appeal take to receive a decision?

You should receive the appeal outcome via SMS within 4 weeks. If longer, contact Sassa for follow up.

Can I appeal again if my first appeal is rejected?

Unfortunately, you cannot appeal again for the same period. But reapply the next month if you still meet the eligibility criteria.

Where do I submit supporting documents for my appeal?

You can upload relevant evidence like bank statements when submitting your online appeal through the Tribunal website.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my R350 appeal?

Reach out to Sassa’s call center at 0800 601 011 for assistance on the appeal process, status updates, or any other questions.

What happens if my phone number changes during the appeal process?

Promptly update your contact details with Sassa so you receive the appeal outcome SMS on your correct number.


The R350 Social Relief grant provides essential support, but navigating rejections and appeals can be complex. By understanding the common reasons for denial, following the proper appeal procedure, and providing supporting evidence, you have a strong chance of successfully overturning an incorrect rejection. With persistence, eligible applicants can correct errors or oversights and secure approval of this vital financial relief from Sassa.

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